What we are expecting from this year’s Bigg Boss

The new season of Bigg Boss is here with a fat promise of entertainment and fun. The contestants look good and just like the previous seasons, a lot is expected from them. Here’s what we are hoping: 

  • Disputes between Digangana Suryavanshi & Roopal Tyagi 

These two popular TV actresses are put together in a pair. While the former is known for her tantrums and cat-fights with co-actors, the latter is known as the goody-good girl. Digangana is also the youngest contestant on the show. It’d be interesting to see them disputing over decisions. 

  • Love triangle between Mandana Karimi, Keith Sequeira & Rochelle Maria Rao

Keith & Rochelle are real life couple but are paired opposite different people. Keith is already getting along with his game partner Mandana. We can expect a love triangle and love insecurities in the upcoming episodes. 

  • Fights between ex-lovers Roopal Tyagi & Ankit Gera

They are done loving each other and are not on good terms. Roopal wants to avoid him while he seems to irritate her at all cost. Roopal has already nominated him in the first nomination round. 

  • Aman Verma’s plotting & game plays

Aman Verma used to be a known face of television a decade ago but in 2005 he was the subject of a casting couch sting operation. Since then his career has been reduced to cameo and supporting roles. He’s here to win the show and revive his career at all costs. 

  • Ankit Gera

Don’t be deceived by his good looks. He looks cunning and quite a player. He might be the next Kushal Punjabi and engage in lots of drama. 

  • Arvind Vegda

Not much is known about him except that he is a Gujarati singer. The other contestants are wary of talking to him as he seems out-of-their-zones and gives scary looks with his get-ups. 

  • Suyyash Rai & Rimi Sen

Suyyash is not gonna lose this big opportunity and Rimi looks too innocent to be a part of this show. Debates and fights will follow. 

  • Kishwar Merchant

She has played various dark shades in her TV career and might use them here too. And she’s paired with Aman Verma who is also here to win. 

  • Yuvika Choudhary

She seems sweet and demure and might be the easy target for the contestants to kick and play. 
These are our predictions for Bigg Boss 9. What are yours? Let me know. 


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