Shocking Truth: Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman were not invited to daughter’s wedding!

Actors Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman’s adopted daughter Isabella Cruise wedded her boyfriend of one year in a secret and well-kept ceremony on September 18 but her famous parents were not in attendance. Though her famous dad paid the expense, he didn’t attend the event to keep it very quiet. Her younger brother Connor was also not present there. 

Their estranged mother who was in London on the day of the big day didn’t even have any clue about her daughter’s wedding.

 The 48 year old actress hasn’t had a close relationship with her older kids since she divorced their father in 2001. The blame for the split was cited heavily on the actor’s Scientology religion. Since the divorce the kids had lived with their father and raised with Scientology faith. They are now both proud Scientologists. 

Though Bella’s husband Max Parker – British IT consultant – is not a Scientologist, it is yet to be seen if he’d convert to the controversial religion. His parents too weren’t a part of the wedding with several stories circulating they are against their daughter-in-law’s faith and were against this union. 


When they were all a family
Bella was adopted by the ex couple from a Scientologist mother-of-two who gave up her third baby as she couldn’t provide for her. The couple then adopted Connor in 1995 when he was four months old. During their happy days, the couple was in happy spirits but things took an ugly turn when the pair divorced in 2001. The kids sided with their father and became estranged from their mother. 

In 2006, Kidman married country star Keith Urban and her priorities changed. Tom too married actress Katie Holmes and welcomed daughter Suri. Bella was closer to her new mom and was often seen hanging out with her and babysitting Suri. When Tom and Katie divorced Bella severed ties with her as well. According to tabloids, Bella and Connor are deeply rooted in Scientology and can’t stand a person who’s against their faith. They abandoned Nicole and then Katie because of the controversial religion. 

The 22 year old who would turn an year older on 22nd December is an aspiring makeup artist training in London. She had earlier wanted to try her hands in Hollywood but her looks failed her in terms of acting. She’s often called troubled and directionless and is now said to have rushed in a marriage that might go like the Tom-Nic affair. But who knows? They might stick around for forever and suprise us. 


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