I pitied Kareena when she left Shahid Kapoor but today I feel bad for Mira Rajput for marrying Shahid

Kareena Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor were the cutest couple for four years. They were the paparazzi’s favourite and the headline of every tabloid story. When Bebo ended her love story with the chocolate boy, my world fell apart. “How could they split?” “Why did they part ways?” “What went wrong?” They seemed so perfect… always.

 It was Kareena who asked him out, and it was her who ended the thing a few years later. Shahid was shattered, and devastated while Bebo moved on fast-forward with another high profile relationship. This time, with another actor but a so-called flirt and womaniser unlike the one-woman policy man Shahid. 


kareena kapoor and saif ali khan
Kareena’s new man who’s now her husband – actor Saif Ali Khan- was previously known for marrying actress Amrita Singh who was twelve years his senior and with whom he shares two children – daughter Sara Ali Khan and son Ibrahim Ali Khan. After their divorce, the actor went onto date many models and wannabe actresses. But it was Kareena who struck his eyes. 

Rumours suggest that Saif persuaded Bebo to give him a chance during the shooting of movie Tashan. She chose him over Shahid as the latter was strict family man unlike Saif who was open minded. Shahid was also a vegetarian while she grew up being a total chicken eating Punjabi kudi. So Kareena broke up with Shahid and moved in with Saif amid tabloid stories and controversies. 

At that time, I pitied her for choosing Saif over Shahid. Shahid was obviously the goody-good family type while Saif was the macho man. Saif was also ten years older than her and a “second-hand property” with two kids. Everyone questioned why she preferred Saif and dumped Shahid. Perhaps she knew she wouldn’t be allowed or restricted to work after marrying Shahid. She knew his family was highly religious and grounded and wouldn’t like her open mindset and party routines.  

But fast forward to 2015. Saif and Bebo are happily married and going strong. She’s still one of the busiest actresses. She is still sizzling in dance numbers and giving a run to the young girls. She still hasn’t lost her charm and beauty. 

In July, Shahid married Delhi based girl Mira Rajput. Everyone was joyed. At last, he’s married. At last, he found someone. 

I was happy too. Mira felt like a good choice for him. Family girl, simple, religious, and a no-actor. But recently I read an article about how Shahid Kapoor has destroyed Mira’s career and life. 

She’s too young to get married. The article proclaims again and again. Shahid is February 1981 born. Mira is September 1994 born which means he’s 34 now and she just turned 21. The young bride graduated this year from Delhi University’s Lady Shri Ram College with a degree in English Literature. She did English Hons. She must be intelligent. She could have become a journalist, or a lawyer, or an academician, or pursued  MBA. Or just something but not marry too soon!  

The article blames Kapoor for marrying a very young girl; for destroying her bright future. He himself has two siblings her age who are starting their careers. His 19 year old brother Ishaan is an assistant director and a wannabe actor. His sister, Sanaah, is making her screen debut with Shaandaar opposite him and Alia Bhatt. But his poor wife is sitting at their home waiting for him to come home after his shoots. What does she do the whole day? Stare at his every awards and filmy pictures? Look at his, and now obviously hers too, house and pinch herself if it’s really a reality? Or curse her destiny for marrying too young and not pursue her dreams and career? 

Guns are also shot at Mira’s family for accepting this marriage proposal. It’s an arranged marriage, you see. Tabloid stories say Mira didn’t want to marry Shahid because of the age gap but gave up when everyone pursued her. Does this arranged marriage thing also prove that Shahid Kapoor who has dated Kareena and Priyanka Chopra in the past was incapable of finding himself a soulmate? 

In a recent interview he addressed that his wife would never enter Bollywood. She wouldn’t act, ever. Why? What if she has dreams? If your exes could do, your sister could do, why can’t Mira? Because you don’t want her to be touched, or kissed, or wear skimpy clothes? That’s what your exes did, mister. 

So basically all he wanted was a domesticated wife. Someone who would wait for him at nights, eat vegetarian foods with him, wear proper clothes, and put his life before hers and Mira fits in these categories. Kareena didn’t and hence she left him. She felt suffocated with him. She wanted a free life and she got that with Saif. Kareena and Saif had been in a relationship since 2007. The couple married in 2012. She is still an active part of Bollywood. She’s not ready for children. She’s enjoying her sex life and Saif isn’t pressurising her for expanding their family. While that cannot be said or predicted for Mira. Shahid is 34, he would soon want babies. How many years would he wait? Huh? Two, three, five? Maybe but Will he wait until Mira is 30? 

Would Mira become trapped as the housewife of a still struggling actor? Will she breathe for herself? Will she rise like other celebrity wives like Twinkle Khanna and Sussanne? Only time would tell. But for now, I do pity  her. And happy for my favourite Kareena  for escaping a life with an insecure, conservative man who puts his career before his wife’s. 


One thought on “I pitied Kareena when she left Shahid Kapoor but today I feel bad for Mira Rajput for marrying Shahid

  1. I think you are being harsh on Shahid. Age is just a number. You are looking down on Mira calling her “too young for marriage” while completely ignoring the fact that in calling “too young”, you are aping the old conservative society which used to call “too old” to girls who did not marry until a certain age. Let us respect people for their choices – these tags of “too old” and “too young” are equally biased opinions and should be shunned. Secondly, to say that she “could have done MBA or taken up a job in an office to earn a pay-cheque every month-end” is myiopic. She still have plenty of time to do what she wants and marriage is not end of her career. In a way you are seeing marriage as an end of career, which is not the case for so many women. According to your glasses, if a girl marries without becoming old enough, she is doing wrong, which is completely stupid. Marriage happens when two people find compatibility in each other. After having found each other, the decision of not to marry because otherwise people would laugh at them for marring “so soon” – would be stupid. It is their decision and we should respect that. I am a big big fan of both Shahid and Kareena and wish both of them best luck and happy lives!


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