She was too cool for me until she lived for applause 

“Not that I don’t like you, I’m just at a party..”

“Sorry, I cannot hear you I’m kinda busy…I’m kinda busy”. 

These are my thoughts for my once favourite Lady GaGa. She was my fav until she changed her track. 

I, first, listened to her way back in the year 2008 when her first album came out. Poker face, Paparazzi and Just Dance were always on my mind. I was replaying these songs on my music system over and over again without ever getting tired. She was the new face of pop generation. 

Her craft, her persona was totally different from her contemporaries who had started around at the same time. She wasn’t like Rihanna who lacked in dancing and was often criticised for live performances. She wasn’t Katy Perry either who was badly good in a good way. She wasn’t Taylor Swift too who was capturing the preteens and teenage minds with her breakup songs and dating life. 

She was just different. She was gaga. She was crying purple teardrops. She was playing love games, spinning records and dancing. And making us dance too. Her persona was differently different. She was surprising us each day with her out-of-the-imagination hair looks, makeup and clothes. And of course she brought in the culture of extremely high heels and those quirky everything things. 

She turned up for the VMA 2009 in a meat dress. A meat dress?! YES. Who had sported a meat on red carpet before, huh? She emerged out of a giant egg on a stage. Her aura was enthralling, surprising, captivating, attractive, fancy, and every amazing adjective I could think of. 


I loved her, or perhaps I should say, I was in awe of her. She had cast her spell on me as an artist. I so anticipatingly waited for Artpop to arrive. She performed its first single Applause at the VMA 2013 and unfortunately I didn’t like it much. I didn’t like the fact that she stripped herself into a thong and shell bikini top. Was that necessary? No, that wasn’t. There were too many people in the audience looking and staring at her assets and millions watching it on their television screens.

 That day my favourite artist lost respect from me. I’m that modern, conservative, reserved, liberal, open-minded young girl that I simply find hard to put into words. I like songs like Gaga’s first two albums’ but Taylor Swift’s goody-good image. I like it popsy but not naked bodies in a video. I prefer cool but not explicit lyrics and what Lady Gaga did that day and then at the AMAs grinding and suggestively dancing against another artist’s body lost my love in her art. Plus, the songs weren’t catchy too. Unlike her earlier songs like Poker face, Just Dance, Telephone, and Paparazzi, Applause, G.U.Y, and Venus weren’t magnetic. 

For days I wondered if I was wrong to suddenly distaste and betray her as a loyal little monster. I had seen her emerge as this big musician but suddenly my addiction to her songs was diminishing. She had taught me some really good thing through her lyrics. 

“I’m beautiful in my way/ ‘Cause God makes no mistakes”. I became confident in my skin ’cause I was born this way. 

“Don’t be a drag/Just be a queen

Whether you’re broke or evergreen”. Yeah, live a queen-sy life no matter the situation is. 

“I just want to be free/ I just want to be me”. There are times in my life when all I want to do is break away from all the ties holding me and fly away. I want to be me. 

“I’m a woman/ I insist it’s my life”. No guy has the right to rule me. Just no one.

“I’m my mother, sister, my father, brother”. I’m my everything. 

These are some of her lyrics that have influenced me. They are inspiring, and influencing in a good way. But Artpop did nothing to impress me and instead led me off the Gaga track. Gaga then got engaged to her longtime beau actor Taylor Kinney and decided to change her image from a wacky, weird, pop, fun, surprising and everything she was before to performing with Tony Bennet and going less gagalicious. Her red carpet looks succumbed to her new found image with fashion police often putting her on the worst dressed list. 

It’s been two years and I haven’t thought about her or played any song of her. Her gossip stories have done little to fuel my interest in her. I often do think about the old Gaga though when I come across her old songs gently saved in my laptop. Or when the radio stations play the initial career songs of her. That Gaga was capable of making us go gaga over the beats and rhythm. She was then everywhere at the award functions. She was my fav, my cool thing. I miss her, I do. 

If I’d one wish, it would be you. Gaga. It would be you. Because you were my denim, my holy fool. 



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