Worst Celebrity Baby Names 

Hollywood doesn’t just produce out-of-the-world type films but also some very unusual names. While there are normal out-of-the-public-eye people who name their kids Charlotte, Emily, Harry, Chris, James, Justin, Lily, etc. our celebs just love experimenting. From North to Blanket to Moon Unit to Denim, they have surpassed our imaginations. Here’s looking at the weirdest babies names. 

  • North West

It was a surprise when Kim Kardashian, the famous for a 72 day wedding and a well-sold sextape, and rapper Kanye West, best known for ruining Taylor Swift’s 2009 VMA  acceptance speech, got together. Two very famous and controversial big names came together and produced a miniature celebrity- North West. Out of all the names in the world Kimye named their first born this! God knows what they’d name their next baby. 

  • Blue Ivy Carter

The music giant couple and the biggest names of the Illuminati group, Jay Z and Beyonce, named their daughter Blue Ivy. Rumours has it it’s inspired from Illuminati. Fame and money will surely follow. 

  • Egypt Daoud 

His mother was probably on fire when she named him this. Singer Alicia Keys named her son this and unfortunately it sounds more like a terrorist than a royalty. 

  • Satchel

He is a director well known for some really critical acclaimed films but Woody Allen chose the name Satchel as his son’s name. Simply W-H-A-T!?

  • Jermajesty

Elder brother of late Michael Jackson, Jermaine Jackson, named his son as Jermajesty Jackson! So is he a majesty? No idea! 

  • Kal-El Coppola

If you’re actor Nicholas Cage you might have named your son something like James Cage, Justin Cage or probably Christopher Cage but not him. He named him Kal-El Coppola. Unusual? We call it weird. 


  • Bronx Blue

Bronx Blue’s mom is Ashlee Simpson and dad’s Pete Wentz, both musicians. They could have called him Chord, or something else but Bronx? 

  • Buddy Bear, Petal Blossom and Daisy Boo

Famous chef Jamie Oliver’s daughters are called Petal Blossom Rainbow and Daisy Boo Pamela and son is called by Buddy Bear. WOW. 

Maybe his wife and he spend a lot of time in the gardens! 

  • Denim

Toni Braxton’s son is known as Denim. Really? O, yes. 

  • Jagger Joseph Blue & Poet Sienna Rose

These are the names of Soleil Moon Frye’s kids. 

  • Bluebell Madonna 

Former Spice Girls member Geri Helliwell’s daughter’s name is Bluebell Madonna. She should have dropped the controversial Madonna from her girl’s name. Just saying. 

  • Birdie & Cricket

When your mommy is Busy Phillips you get Birdie and Cricket as your name. 

  • Harper Seven Beckham

Power couple David and Victoria Beckham sent the world into confusion when they named their only daughter as Harper Seven. Some said Harper was after the Harper Bazaar magazine and Seven after David’s Jersey number though the couple denied it and announced it was after author Harper Lee. 

  • Suri Cruise

The youngest child of actor Tom Cruise and his only child with ex-wife Katie Holmes, Suri has captured the fashion fraternity with her designer clothes and beautiful face but the couple certainly did draw a lot of criticism and jokes when they announced her name. Suri in some languages is called ‘pig’. 

  • Dweezil & Moon Unit

Yes, these are kids’ names and that too of musician Frank Zappa. 

Thank you for blowing up our imaginations, Mr Zappa. 

  • Audio Science

Actress Shannyn Sossamon named her precious baby this weird name. Out of the whole world!!! Are you too scienced or what?! 

  • Princess Tiaamii Crystal Esther

Okay, so, everyone’s daughter is a princess to them. But Katie Price went ahead and named her daughter the royalest name. How would her friends call her? Just imagine. 

  • Zuma Nesta Rock 

Girls Aloud singer Gwen Stefani and her husband Gavin Rossdale named their second son Zuma which to me sounds more like a zoo thing. 

  • Sage Moonblood

Hollywood actor and famous for physique Slyvester Stallone surprised everyone by naming his son Sage Moonblood. Weird. 

  • Sparrow James Midnight 

Actress Nicole Richie gave her beautiful son this name! Sparrow? Midnight? WHAT???! 

  • Fifi Trixibelle

This is Bob Geldof’s daughter’s name. Fifi, haha. 

  • Destry

Steven Spielberg’s child’s name. Out of the world name, isn’t it? 
Of course there are more to the list like Gwyneth Paltrow’s Apple, Rob Morrow’s Tu Morrow, Jason Lee’s Pilot Inspektor, John Mellencamp’s Speck Wildhorse and much more.  


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