Decoding Kylie Jenner’s fashion

There’s no denying Kim Kardashian is always fashion forward. Over the years she has mesmerised (and shocked) the fashion police with her very hot red carpet looks as well as her casual daily wear ensembles. And taking a cue from her fashion statements is her youngest Jenner sibling, Kylie. The just-turned eighteen year old is not new to spotlights. She has been accustomed to the big life since 2007 but it’s only recently the youngster is becoming an identity of her own. 

In honour of her big one-eight we are decoding her wardrobe choices and how we can incorporate them in ours (except the meshiest and barely theres, of course). 


Behind all the gossips and sexy shoots, she’s just a jeans loving girl. Kylie loves jeans and loves experimenting with them. Unlike other girls who wear just one type of jeans, Ky is creative. She has plenty of denim pants in high waist, stripped, tattered, flared and just every kind. Here are some of her jeans looks. 


Cut at the knees? Check. Heely boots? Check. A pet accessory? Check.
The grungy look with highly distressed jeans, black combat boots and a black top.
Now, this one is simple yet stylish. A simple distressed jeans with a white top and minimum accessories and makeup makes an evening just perfect.
Cold outside? Try this look. This could very well be worn for a meeting or even a shopping outing with your friends.
A white high waist jeans with little lace detailing at the bottom teamed up with a crop top makes for a sexy workout attire.


Who said skirts aren’t fashionable? If chosen the perfect one for your body type, it can very well add the much needed glam quotient to your look. Choose from a wide variety of plaited, cotton, floral, leather, long, minis, high-low or woollen. 


Hide some age with this school-type skirt.
This asymmetrical grey skirt is perfect for the winters. Team it up with a long cardigan or even a leather jacket and a pair of heels and you are ready to go!
Kylie lets her skirt do the talking.
Team up an ordinary tee with a not so ordinary skirt and bam, you’re gonna kill it!

Show some legs in SHORTS!!

Showing legs isn’t just a tall girl’s right but everyone’s. Whether you are short, petite or tall you shouldn’t shy away from showing some legs. Wear shorts in black, blue, red or floral and flaunt your bad-ass figure. There are plenty of styles and colours available in the shorts department. 

Distressed shorts? Check. Low-neck top? Check. Loose hair? Check. Cowboy boots? Check.
You can try this studded shorts look for a concert or gig or just any other day like Kylie.


What is a summer without a pair of jumpsuit? Gone are the days jumpsuits were a closeted fashion trend and available in only limited patterns and styles. You can now find unlimited styles and colours while selecting your favourite type. 


This military type jumpsuit makes for a perfect day-out outfit.
Or how about this outfit that immediately makes Kylie Jenner so demure and innocent?
She looks like a tourist in this. Period.
A jumpsuit on a red carpet? Y-E-S.

Go denim on denim!

Who said denim means just a pair of jeans, huh? Denim comes in all clothing nowadays from skirts to jackets to coats to just anything. Take a cue from Kylie’s denim on denim look and learn from it. 


Learn from this look yourself. This is simply 10 on 10.


Show your toned legs in leggings!

Leggings aren’t just a workout wear but you can actually wear them just anywhere from gyms to parties to even a big carpet. But choose wisely! 


Hype up your workout sessions with leggings!
And rock them on big days!


What is a closet without outerwears? It’s like a panty without a bra. Have a collection of outerwears- coats, jackets, blazers and simply everything that falls in this category and rock them and rock yourself. 


A black leather jacket stands out even in the darkness of night. And the good thing? You can literally wear it anywhere!


Not everyone wears a khaki military jacket. Right?
Another casual statement by the young diva.
A quilted jacket is perfect to quilt you from the winters.

And the Red Carpet Looks: 

Kylie is a pro at red carpets. She has mastered the art of impressive the fashion police over the years. Here are some of her looks. 


All the cute ladies please stand up, please stand up!
Be too cute for him to handle you.
LBDs aren’t just for parties and proms. There’s no rule saying that.
Enough of cuteness! Let’s shed some oomph on the floor.
Let’s be Kim Kardashian tonight!!
Let’s play the age game. Does she really look like a teen?


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