Selena Gomez Now and Then

She rose to fame as a Disney Princess with hit show Wizards of the Waverly Place and by the time most youngsters graduate from college she’d already made her presence felt in acting, singing and fashion arenas. At just 22, Gomez’ estimated worth is over $20 million. She is the best friend of American sweetheart Taylor Swift and the ex-girlfriend of popstar Justin Bieber. She has over 35 million Instagram followers and 30 followers on Twitter but even though Selena is a popular well known celebrity there’s no denying that her counterparts are a lot more successful than her and probably this is the reason that has prompted the once demure star to desperately revamp her image and develop an adult image and leave behind the Disney tag.

When Selena was all innocent and demure.

Back when Gomez was fifteen and started out on Wizards of the Waverly Place she looked like an ordinary girl. Too innocent and teen. Gomez attended the events and award nights wearing age appropriate dresses and never showed her cleavage. She was then a proper Christian girl who even wore a chastity ring.
By 2010 she had become friends with the who’s and who of the entertainment industry. Her friend listed included Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Zac Efron, Taylor Lautner and of course many more. Soon Selena began dating the then “it” boy Justin Bieber. They went hand in hand everywhere from beach dates to red carpets and looked absolutely made for each other.

Jelena in happy days

But nothing goes perfectly. At least not in the glamour business. Troubles between Jelena started and in an attempt to woo her beau she started revealing a little bit.
And then came the year 2014 when everything between Jelena ended. JB forgot her like anything and wasted no second in mingling and romancing other girls while Selena went depressed and attended rehab for what media reports suggested as substance use. Her career took a back seat as her singing and acting wasn’t garnering good reviews. Allegedly she was dropped out of a few projects as she was considered too young and sweet for them.
So in a way to get work and survive in the industry and also feed her family (her family is apparently dependent on her), she took a new direction. Slowly she started wearing stripped pants, crop tees and often going bra-less and showed her ‘inner beauty’. Each day she paraded on the streets of LA in jaw dropping attires and landed herself on the gossip columns of every tabloid.


For an year and half she was jobless with minimal work and assignments to do. Her bad habits of smoking, wild partying and her desperate attempts to get back JB resulted in Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift distancing themselves from her. She instead became friends with the models – Cara Delevingne, Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid and spent her days partying and vacationing with them. And oh, no, these models aren’t jobless. They are some of the most prominent faces of the current modelling circuit. They are the faces of some really big brands and Selena stuck to them like a chubby button. She learnt from them the art of climbing the ladder through hot pictures and the profits of being in the news.

So Ms Gomez tried to get linked to the One Direction goodboy Niall Horan by traveling all over to London to meet him and go with him on the streets. After a few weeks of making everyone go crazy over the new possible couple, she denied it only to later fake a romance with DJ/Producer Zedd.

Since 2014 Selena has gone on a major image transformation mission. She now dresses up to highlight her curves and walk the red carpets with greater oomph and élan. She’s trying to get mature roles in movies and also revive her music career.

But does everything go as planned? Let the time unfold the story.


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