Hollywood has recently become an industry of too-much-skin. From Kim Kardashian to Jennifer Lopez to Beyonce to Amber Rose to Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Hudson, they are all revealing it all on the red carpet events. They pose and expose themselves too much in front of the glittery lights hyping sex and body image wherever they go. The tight body hugging costumes that are worth the price of our most expensive piece of jewelry have become a rage in the industry. It has become ‘an easier way’ to get more followers on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter or to get more media coverage. The out-of-work beauties or those at the fall of their career are taking this route of assests showing. Gwyneth Paltrow, who has been missing from a major leading role, now dons a sheer or very talked about dress. Kim Kardashian, well she never calms down. Sheer, revealing and too tight costumes have become a part of her life. Beyonce too has been experimenting with her dress choices lately and Jennifer Lopez has been doing it since wearing that infamously famous Versace dress at the Grammys.

In the modern world of best scripts and screenplays, sex unfortunately still sells. It sells like fire. Too much of media covergae land these celebrities endorsement deals and spots in magazines. Some of the skin showing actresses run their own empires of beauty and lifestyle and promote them indirectly with their body hype. Paltrow successfully runs Goop, a lifestyle e-tailer and is the biggest face of organic eating. Sofia Vergara have landed several commercials and endorsements because of her curves and exposure. She is claimed to be the richest woman on TV by Forbes with over $85 million.

These ladies might not be favorites when it come to awards but they do live luxurious lifestyles. Whether tthey bare it half or all, they are rich and successful in their own ways. They are busy creating a wardrobe for themselves and wearing the biggest brands of the world.


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