Welcome to the world, Caitlyn Jenner!

When we were born, we were small, tiny dots. But when Caitlyn Jenner was born, she was already 65. She had already pranced around the world and won headlines for her past career and her infamous family members. Until a few months back there was no Caitlyn Jenner. Only a body that spoke penis and man-ism but longed for tits and feminism. Born Bruce Jenner on October 28, 1949 in the U.S, he started his career as an athlete winning several medals and trophies. Married three times and having six biological children, Jenner surprised all when he declared he was transtioning into a woman. According to him, he wanted to be a woman since a young age but couldn’t as he fell in love with his then girlfriends who he later married. Some say he did it to have children and take his generation forward. For years he has been cross dressing and taking hormone replacement therapy until he fell in love with his third wife, Kris Jenner. In 22 long years he was married to her, Bruce tried to stop his craving to turn into a woman for the sake of his family but alas, who can stop their real selves for too long! And Caitlyn had hidden her identity all her life until now.

When I found he was transitioning, just like everyone else, I laughed at the stories.”Drama runs in the family”, I said to myself. It wasn’t a sensitive issue when Bruce was seen with his nails painted or growing his hair like a woman and making frequent visits to the parlors. It made a big headline with his documentary and more when he revealed his feminity on the cover of Vogue magazine. Aptly titled ‘Call Me Caitlyn’ it explored what Bruce had gone through all these years by being someone he never felt like. Bruce to him never existed; he was a lie; a fake man. Inside him always lived a Caitlyn, a woman who craved to be loved and welcomed by the world.

Within just a few days of stepping into the world Caitlyn has inspired us all. Her determination and passion to be herself, for herself, has led to her gaining praises and accolades from all. Her love for herself is an inspiration to all who wish to stay true to themselves and break from stereotypes.


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