Years Later, I Still Love Him

It was early 20’s and I had just returned home from my boarding school. It was that time when I got hooked onto watching English movie channel. I would often spend hours in front of it watching Hollywood flicks one after the other. Soon I found my interest of genre – Romance. Romance to me wasn’t just about kissings or huggings or laying in bed naked. It was about falling in love, going on long drives and dates and admiring each other for hours without quipping a word. The first romantic flick I remember watching was, I guess, Romeo and Juliet, that had Leonardo DiCaprio playing the lead. Romeo would enter his beloved’s room through the balcony with his dead walks. They would talk for hours sitting on her bed and then wake up in the morning in the arms of each other. Leonardo’s portrayal was so real that I fell in love with him. Soon I watched his another hit – James Cameron’s Titanic. Halfway through the film he had stolen my heart again, this time as the young, carefree Jack Dawson. For years I followed him, collecting his pictures from magazines and newspapers and sticking them inside my closet. I inhaled his articles and stories and longed for myself a Romeo or Jack Dawson or a Frank Abagnale.

Years passed and my belongingness to him increased. I disliked it when his relationships didn’t end well. I cried when he lost at the Academy Awards. I praised and loved him more when he did charities. And I so badly wanted to give him advises when he looked out of shape or too bearded. Cause I never fell in love with his manliness. I was attracted to the young characters he played in 90’s and early 20’s. As said I’m lover of the romance genre. Each time Inception, The Departed, Django Unchained or Shutter Island come on TV I uninterestingly watch them. They aren’t my type but they sure have my hero. The man I’ve loved for days and nights for over a decade now.

In the past decade newer breeds of young actors have emerged. Zac Efron, Robert Pattinson, Chris and Liam Hemsworth, Taylor Lautner and many more. None of them have been successful in making me dream about them. I haven’t been magneted towards Pattinson or Lautner. They all lack that sheen, that style that my man possesses. My man? O’yeah, mine.


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